Nasofix Review : Professional Nose Reshaper - Doctor's Review

I am Dr. George Buchanan MD. I am a doctor practicing general medicine and family health. I am not paid in anyway to review Nasofix. This is an honest, factual and genuine review.

Nasofix Review : Professional Nose Reshaper - Doctor's Review

Monday, September 19, 2011

I am Dr. George Buchanan. I am a doctor practicing general medicine and family health. I am not paid in anyway to review Nasofix. This is an honest, factual and genuine review.

What is Nasofix?

Nasofix is a product that says it could change the shape of your Nose. I am very skeptic with regards to these things as the internet is full of scam and fake products so it took me quite a while to purchase Nasofix. It started when a nurse of mine showed me a silvery shiny plastic device that looks weird and he said that it is placed on to the nose for 10 minutes a day to make the nose slimmer, smaller, shorter, pointier or whatever your desire. Sounds like miracle to me. Though as a doctor, I know that cartilage could be reshaped with pressure.

Why did I purchased?

I purchased because my nose is very long and droopy at the tip. It also have a large hump not to mention it is also wide, bulbous and big. It runs in the family. Never in my mind I'll undergo Rhinoplasty as I am quite a shy type of person and going to the doctor scares me to death. Not to mention I am very particular of what other people, specially my family will think of me. Being a guy, it is very hard to make yourself beautiful people might think you are gay. Not to mention I am very curious if this device will really work. I am quite intrigued with the thermasilica the company boast about. It is a type of silicone that emits heat to reshape the nose.

How it arrived.

The product is sealed inside an envelope when it arrived after 11 days. Inside the envelope it is enclosed in a plastic casing and inside is a plastic device which is Nasofix. In the picture I thought its metal, but its made of plastic and it looks very classy and it shimmers. I like how they package this thing. But will it work?

How did I used it.

I visited their site to look for instructions and for bulbous and big noses, I need to place Nasofix at the widest part of my nose. Sound very simple to me.

The instruction says: "For big bulbous nose, place the Thermasilica™ at the tip making sure that the middle part of the nose down to the tip are compressed."

Excerpt from my Diary : Results

Day 5: I noticed my nose slimmed down but just a little to the point that its barely noticeable.
Day 7: A noticeable difference is observed at the tip area. The globular tip is slimming down a bit.
Day 12: My fat nostrils became thinner and my nose appears less wide.
Day 18: This is the day where I see major improvements. Tip is not anymore round but very very defined. Nostrils are not anymore fat it thinned down very well that all people that saw me that day says if I had a nose surgery.
Day 23: The bridge line now appears up to the tip. Nose is very very defined and the bulbous tip is totally gone.
Day 28: No change
Day 36: No change

Apparently, I noticed that once it finishes reshaping your nose, It will give no change anymore once its done. I corresponded with their customer sevice which is great by the way, and they told me that I need to wear it for 1 month to make the change permanent. Since I am at day 36 when I contacted them, I stopped using the device.

In total, After 42 days it seems changes are really permanent. I am not seeing my nose reverting to its previous shape. Nasofix is really true to its words and the product really does deliver results.


1. Reshapes the nose 100% effective.
2. Could totally replace Rhinoplasty as the results are pretty much the same
3. Cheap, $ 29.50 USD Versus 5,000 USD for a rhinoplasty
4. No recovery time, No down time, Easy to use and requires only 10 to 30 minutes a day
5. Very cost-effective, I dont see any reason why a person should not try it. Has a 60-day money back.


1. Thermasilica emits heat, though it helps shapes the nose, its a little bit uncomfortable.
2. Nose is red after use. Goes back to normal in 10 to 15 minutes.
3. Needs total discipline and dedication. One day of missing means repeating the process again.
4. Could take 2 weeks to 1 month to see results.
5. Wetting the thermasilica with water means you have to buy another Nasofix again. Water neutralizes the thermasilica. Can only be cleansed with alcohol ONLY. Skin oil would'nt affect the device though.

The Verdict

Absolutely buy this product. What is the risk? 60 Day money back guarantee and the result is evident in 10 days to a month. This product perhaps is one of the best product I bought this year to the point that I am freely recommending it to my patients and friends. The benifits really outweighs the risk and there are many customers raving about this product as of the moment. I really never expected a lot about this product and even thought it was just another Scam. Being curious sometimes is very rewarding indeed!


Unknown said...

Hello Dr. George!Actually I was gonna purchase it but thought to research bout it more,then this post came to me..Now several questions in my mind but I'm gonna ask about the cleaning process-well how can I get alcohol...can Beer do the job instead?

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